Our specialty is translating computer-related material from German to English, specifically:

  • text strings within program code
  • website text
  • online Help files
  • documentation
  • marketing materials

Our approach to translations
We have 30+ years of experience doing IT work in a variety of fields, such as:

  • Logistics
  • Banking
  • Retail merchandising
  • Insurance
  • Postal automation
  • Philatelic sales

Even if your field is not one of these, having worked as IT consultants, we're always ready for something new! If we don't understand a business-specific term in your text, and can't find the answer easily, we'll ask you for a clarification.

We will always give you a sample translation of a few paragraphs on request. Just use the field provided on our Contact page. This is yours to evaluate, compare and keep. We will also give you a fixed-price estimate if you submit a file or files to us—with absolutely no obligation on your part.

Pricing for translations
Every job is different—not just because some texts, like legal language, require more time than others, but also because sometimes it is harder than others to isolate the material that needs to be translated, or to deal with a large number of files of small size.

In most cases, we will use a translation tool that automatically recalls previous, similar strings from memory. Thus, if you supply related material later, the cost to you is less, because the job takes less time.

Usually, we charge between 30 and 40 USD per hour for a translation. The amount of words translated during that hour may range from approximately 300 to 500. This works out to a cost to you of between 6 to 13 U.S. cents per word.

If you already have a text that you feel is in quite good English, and you think that it may just need to have a few bugs worked out, our approach is much the same as for translations: a free sample and a free estimate.

When asking for a sample, you can let us know whether you need the text just to be understandable and grammatically correct, or if would like to have it rewritten so that there is no doubt that it was written by a native speaker. There can be a big difference!

Between one proofreading job and another, there can be a great deal of difference in the amount of work that needs to be done. If it looks like we will be frequently referring to the original text because the current English version is not clear, the amount of text that can be handled in an hour may approach the 300-500 mentioned above for a translation.

If you have both a German and English version already, we will let you know which course seems better, and the choice will be yours.

Pricing for proofreading
Every job is different—for proofreading, it is not only the quality of the existing English version that plays a role, but the nature of the material.

Usually, we charge between 25 and 35 USD per hour for proofreading. In an hour, we can read and correct several thousand words of text that is already of a very good quality.

What is our payment policy?
For any of our services, we will invoice you only after an agreed-upon portion of the work has been completed, and you have indicated to us that you are satisfied with it. Currently, we accept credit cards and bank transfers through PayPal's secure server. You do not need to open a PayPal account to pay by credit card. Our invoice will direct you to PayPal through our payment page.

Where can you see some of our work?
Please refer to our Customers page.

Niagara Falls, NY